♦️     M e n t a l e m b e l l i s h e r     ♦️

♦️ M e n t a l e m b e l l i s h e r ♦️

Remember when you were a kid and you’d spin in circles, then suddenly stop, teetering, and watch the horizon shift?

That’s the sort of pleasurable, disorienting feeling one gets on a visit to Mentalembellisher. 

She gleans inspiration from the unlikeliest of places, there is always something new and surprising to be found.

Colour, humour and creativity are the three vital words that spring to mind when browsing her shop.

A Londoner in France designing homeware, luggage, clothing and all those things you never knew you needed.


♦️ M e n t a l e m b e l l i s h e r ♦️

Delightfully quirky, camp and naughty with a retro feel. Mentalembellisher mixes up colourful and bright theatrical worlds. Let the show begin!